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At The Vise 3/16/04

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My Variation of a Springs Wiggler. The only difference is I used Antron instead of squirel tale, and put eyes on it. Tied one up this morning with Red Chenille.

First Soft Hackle. Any input on this fly?

Latex Wiggler, simply put. Get used to tying these, and you make a doz or so up in less than 30min.

Seen a fly like this somewhere, but can' remember. I guess the Coho go nuts over these, and Steelhead will take them as well(?).
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Your spring wiggler reminds me more of a sparrow but a very good fly none the less.

You soft hackle is very nice. Kind of a Hi Vis version with the flashabou. Try to go a little lighter on the hackle though, you may have a little too much. I go heavy if using a lt dun since it is transparent but if you use something that isn't transparent it will cover the body of the fly when wet.

I've had good luck on some rivers with the latex wiggler and nothing on others but it's always a good fly to have. Our rivers are full of them.

I've seen the last fly before and taken a musky out of the Huron on a similar fly. It should be a good fly for salmon. Try some in chartruese also for both salmon and walleye. For some reason I've found that river walleyes love chartruese.
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Good Day,

Looking good! I would have to say that your springs variant should be a winner on the steel. Tight Lines!

sweet flies! :)
Thanks guys. Actually the Springs Wiggler is pretty much the same thing as a Antron Bug. The only reall difference between the two is a Spring Wiggler is tied with Suirrel Tail and the Antron Bug is tied with Antron Yarn. Bodies are tied with the same, Chenille, and the hackles are a preference, thread of course you match with body.

I am trying different ways and colors for the Wiggler pattern, so I will be puting more pic's up of different styles and colors. But that will meen going out and buying more goodies :D
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good looking flies

For the soft hackle maybe strip one side before tieing it on making it a little sparser. Fish catchers for sure.
Yeah that is what I did. I tied in the tip first, then did a few wraps. Should I start around the middle of the feather, instead of the tip?

I appreciate all the tips that you guys throw out. Thanks.
Tie in from the tips but just do two wraps or until it is sparse.
looking good Dale!!! You will be spinning deer hair in no time!!!
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