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...As long as we're moving trees...Red Oak

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Let me follow the threads on moving apple trees with my own thread on moving Red Oak. I need to replace an American Elm that we cut down this fall. I want to put in a Red Oak because it is relatively slow growing and retains it's leaves well into the fall/winter.

I want to go as big as I can, however, I've got a restriction of about 48" (diameter) on the hole that it can go in. Now I realize a root ball that big is a monster to deal with. For practical handling reasons I'm sure I'll need to go with a much smaller ball.

Anybody here have experience with moving or transplanting this tree? either from wild stock or nursery stock?

Appreciate any suggetions...or references on retail nurserymen who could advise.
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Slow growing? Red oak grow very fast. White oak grow slow.
I know oak trees have a large tap root. I am not sure if moving a large oak tree is a good idea.
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