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...As long as we're moving trees...Red Oak

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Let me follow the threads on moving apple trees with my own thread on moving Red Oak. I need to replace an American Elm that we cut down this fall. I want to put in a Red Oak because it is relatively slow growing and retains it's leaves well into the fall/winter.

I want to go as big as I can, however, I've got a restriction of about 48" (diameter) on the hole that it can go in. Now I realize a root ball that big is a monster to deal with. For practical handling reasons I'm sure I'll need to go with a much smaller ball.

Anybody here have experience with moving or transplanting this tree? either from wild stock or nursery stock?

Appreciate any suggetions...or references on retail nurserymen who could advise.
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Another thing to consider is where the tree is coming from and where it is going. If you get a tree from southern Michigan and transplant to northern Michigan the change in climates may seem slight to us but to a tree it is huge. Try to find a nursey in the area in which you want to transplant. Also consider the condition from which the tree is coming from. If it is coming from an area that is wide open with no shade try to replicate that on your property. The smallest changes can sometimes have the largest affect on trees. Just my 2cents.
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