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You may be a deer-hunting addictic if you have (multiple choices accepted)

  • Shaved body hair to reduce human scent

    Votes: 10 14.1%
  • Named your kids with hunting themes

    Votes: 10 14.1%
  • Spent more money on hunting than you have on your spouse

    Votes: 50 70.4%
  • On a first name basis with the UPS driver from all the hunting gear he delivers to your house

    Votes: 18 25.4%
  • Own hunting property that's worth more than your home

    Votes: 20 28.2%
  • Spend more on hunting trips than on family vacations

    Votes: 50 70.4%
  • Named the deer in your hunting area

    Votes: 36 50.7%
  • Have deer heads as the primary wall decorations in your house

    Votes: 41 57.7%
  • Know how many days it is until the next deer season

    Votes: 42 59.2%
  • Quit eating meat to reduce predatory scent

    Votes: 6 8.5%
  • Have broken up with a significant other due to deer hunting priorities

    Votes: 28 39.4%
  • Quit fishing to go deer hunting in the fall

    Votes: 57 80.3%
  • Hunt out-of-state every year because Michigan's deer season is too short

    Votes: 12 16.9%
  • Consider the greatest accomplishment in your life the biggest buck you've killed

    Votes: 25 35.2%
  • Have called in sick to work to go deer hunting

    Votes: 57 80.3%
  • Turned your garden into a food plot to attract deer to your yard

    Votes: 13 18.3%
  • Think about deer hunting 365 days a year

    Votes: 57 80.3%
  • Have dedicated your lifestyle to deer hunting

    Votes: 46 64.8%

Are you a deer-hunting addict?

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If you have done most of the above, then you may be a deer-hunting addict. My wife once told me that she needed to pin a white tail to her butt just to get attention from me in the fall. The only reason she ever took up deer hunting in the first place was because it was the only way to see me during deer season. I've often been accused of being a deer-hunting addict, so how many other hunters here have taken deer hunting to the ultimate extreme where other people think you have gone over the edge?
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Addict is such a negative term, how about Whitetail Fanatic? LOL!

I admit I think of deer hunting 365 days a year, my wife often says, "I wish you payed as much attention to me as you do those damn deer" LOL!

Gotta love it!!!!!!!
I had to check 11 of them.
In fact my wife has always said she had to learn to hunt and fish so she would be able to spend some time with me.
yes! Fanatic is good!
I laughed at the meat eating comment.....I haven't but I cut way back on the Onions and Garlic if that counts!
Hey, call it what it is, I guess I am an addict. I too checked 11 and would have been able to check a few more if I had a little more Money. I met my wife 5 years ago, and when I met her she said, " I don't care if you hunt, but I will never do that, I won't even touch a gun, they scare me." I guess education takes the fear out of stuff, once she learned about guns and hunting she now hunts with: Bow, Gun, and Muzzleloader, in the last 3 years she has taken 6 deer. Though she is not addicted like myself I love that she too now hunts with me. She is even letting me build a indoor bow range in our house. Cant wait to move the couch and build my back stop so I can start shooting in doors, Ha Ha.
I picked 13 of them, SOOO

I checked 11-12 of those myself. I am actually debating this whole topic with myself. I wonder If I actually spend too much time hunting. I value my family and they are more important than hunting ever will be. Words are not as powerful as actions. When I spend 70% of all available weekends chasing wildlife and weeks at at time during the rut and firearm deer season, I worry that it sends the wrong message. I have quit duck and goose hunting and as my grouse dog gets older I don't know if I will replace him or not. Fall steelheading was axed last year. I'm trying to focus just on deer hunting in the fall so that I am not pulled in so many directions and can do what I love but still let my loved ones know that I care. Anyone else debating this?
All I know is that I took a bunch of flack this season with the new baby in the house. "I'm glad your life has changed so much" is a quote that I often heard as I threw on my hunting clothes and headed out the door:)

I did cut back because, I have to admit, that little smiling face is well worth the nights that I didn't spend in the woods. It was a shock to the system though. Three seasons ago, I bowhunted every day from Oct. 1 thru Nov. 12. This season, I'll just summarize and say that I hunted much less. I'm sure I will eventually be able to hunt as much as I want (in about 18 years). I checked 12 so I fall into the same category as you'all.

Hi, my name is Ryan and I have a deer hunting addiction!! and love it
You forgot "spend 5 hours on your day off in 10 degree weather cutting old scotch pine tree's with a chainsaw to create second growth and bedding area's, while leaving oaks and mast tree's". I should know, my buddy Rick and I just got done and I'm sitting in my soaked (sweat and snow falling on us) long johns as we speak! No kidding. ;)
Does that count? :D
To those hunters who are feeling guilty about deer hunting too much and it affecting thier family lives and especially their kids; think about this: Deer hunters tend to spend much more time with their kids as they grow up, providing those kids also hunt. Just think how much time non-hunters/fishermen actaully spend with their kids; not much. On the other hand, I see teenagers happy to be with their parrents when they share a passion of outdoor persuits. Also, hunters that get their "fix" of hunting tend to be the happiest people out there. On the other hand, a hunter that is deprived of his passion is typically going to be misserable and not much fun to be around. So you see, hunting is actually good for you.
WOW I am not alone,now my wife as adapted to it.she plans all her girl trips during the rut. she will not even ask me for a date or to change the oil in the cars. the phone rings at 4:00 am and i dont ask who is dead or in jail lol. it must be rubbing off i found her explaining to her mom what the rut is.
But fellas listen there is more to life than deer hunting.

I certainly don't think about it every day.

I have others intereasts to ease the pain of deer hunting withdraws.

Rob, don't lie to us now! You can't tell me you haven't stopped near a tree or a trail when running bunnies, looked in every direction and said......this looks like it might be a great place to hang a stand! (I bet this happens more often than not!) Face it, take two steps into the woods and your deer hunting, drive down a country road and your automaticly looking for deer crossings, ambush points, funnels and on and on. Don't worry its healthy!!
To tell to the truth your right I learn more about deer while I'm rabbit hunting than I do during deer season, beacuse I cover so much more ground.
This is a great thread......

I will not tell you how many I checked......

Here is one on my list that did not make yours.......

September 30th, the golf clubs get put away and the hunting stuff goes in.....
Trophy Specialist

What's amatter with you. The wife sometimes looks through these forums.

I have her convinced that everyone does what you have listed. Anything less is not normal.

I guess I have to tell her you must me some kind of an anti trying to stir things up. :eek:

What happens at camp stays at camp. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
...I am a 31 year old, hairless vegetarian. My children Buck and Bambi love to hunt with me. My wife loved the new bow and rifle I bought her for Christmas. Did I mention she doesnt hunt? Bill, the UPS guy just parks his truck in front of my tar paper shack that sits in front of my 10,000 acres.

Last year I took the family on vacation to Alberta, Canada during the last week of November. Boy, I sure had fun. Shortly after that trip, I divorced my wife because she was too unreasonable about the 18 deer heads hanging in our shack.

I refuse to quit fishing so I just take my rods to deer camp with me.

Last year when I got back from my Iowa bowhunting trip, I had to quit work to harvest my 100 acres of corn, carrots, and beets, so I could plant my winter wheat. Now as I sit back, relaxing on my new camoflauge living room set, I look through the piece of plastic that serves as my back window at the 27 pointer eating my winter wheat hoping he will some day grow as big at the 42 pointer I have mounted above my new gun cabinet and bow holder. My wedding pictures and pictures of my kids when they were born hang just below the deer mount!!!:D :D :D

Guilty as charged I suppose!!!;)
I do not have a problem! Really, I do not have a problem. Don;t believe a thing my wife or my parents, or my employer, or anyone else says.

I was able to check 9 of them. I am not married and I don't have kids yet though, so some more checks may be added in the future. :D I do consider myself a whitetail fanatic though. I think if you are still on this thread, and it is in the middle of January, it is pointing towards the idea of being a whitetail fanatic. Season only ended 19 days ago and i can't wait for the 254 days to pass, so Once again I can be sitting in the woods with my bow in hand!

Guilty as charged. I didn't even know fishing was legal during deer season:D !
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