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archery tax debate

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Arizona senator blocking bill that would save 350 SLC jobs

WASHINGTON -- An Arizona senator is blocking efforts to close a tax loophole that a major archery company says could force it to close its operations in Utah and send jobs overseas.

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With the U.S.A., being one of the major nations where archery is actually a thriving industry, I would think that it would be a good idea for All bowhunters/archers, to really stick together on this one, and threaten a boycott on Easton, if they take these jobs out of our country. They will "awaken a sleeping giant," so to speak, if these jobs are lost. We need to support these workers.
But perhaps a few letters or e-mails to Easton, wouldn't hurt anything, if this thing comes down. I think it would be better to at least show our support to these working folks, rather than do nothing. And maybe, just maybe, there's a bowhunter at Easton, at the top of the company somewhere who would take into consideration some of the letters sent. I mean, if they were to get a few angry notes from say...some of the top name bowhunters in this country,... they might just say... "hey wait a minute, let's take another look at this thing."
But yes...I do agree with you...it all boils down to greed, unfortunately, and profit often outweighs ethics in the business world.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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