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archery tax debate

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Arizona senator blocking bill that would save 350 SLC jobs

WASHINGTON -- An Arizona senator is blocking efforts to close a tax loophole that a major archery company says could force it to close its operations in Utah and send jobs overseas.

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This is a tough one. While the playing field here in the US should be made level, I just hate to see another US company hit the road. We've had just a ton of that happening here in West MI in what at one time was almost "recession proof" territory.

On the other hand, I've bought two custom made bows this year and this tax was $60 on each bow, not to mention MI sales tax. And while the proceeds for the tax go towards good causes, it's kind of money back in the hands of the Feds. If they are going to take this much $ with each purchase, I'd much rather see it go locally to our own state DNR and let THEM decide which causes are and are not worthy.

I read something re this situation earlier this week regarding Easton and it turns out they are the only US company that manufactures aluminum arrows in this country. There are other US companies that appear as though they are manufacturing their own and selling them, but it turns out Easton is the one making them and selling them kind of "under the table" to make it appear as though they have some US competition.

It's a complicated situation. What's good for other archery related products should probably be applied to Easton as well. On the other hand ... boy, I sure hate to see more and more people losing their jobs. In the end, they are the ones who lose the most ...

Thanks for posting this Hamilton ...

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