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9. In order to institute a changes of this nature do you think the DNRE should conti

  • 66%

    Votes: 113 36.9%
  • 60%

    Votes: 47 15.4%
  • 51%

    Votes: 146 47.7%
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Land ownership SHOULD NOT BE A FACTOR. It is a public resource, A landowner has no more vested interest than a apartment dweller or even a homeless person.

Purchase of a hunting license should be the ONLY QUALIFYING FACTOR.
I Can tell you don't live in a college town were people that have nothing vested can vote to raise property taxes.:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:

Tell a farmer or property owner that pays for emergency response vehicles, schools, 911 and feeds the peoples deer, they should have the same say as a homeless person sucking off the system and hunting state land and they will tell you go live in some communist country.
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