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9. In order to institute a changes of this nature do you think the DNRE should conti

  • 66%

    Votes: 113 36.9%
  • 60%

    Votes: 47 15.4%
  • 51%

    Votes: 146 47.7%
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A simple majority might be a good idea if they were asking when you purchased your license (which frankly, seems like a better idea than the way this is being done).

Since you're talking about a focus group, which will likely consist of very avid hunters, the percentage should be much much higher.

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that the number of people who only hunt a couple of days per year VASTLY outnumber the hardcore hunters who only want to shoot 140" deer.

I seriously doubt that people who hunt 2-5 days per year are being represented in this panel, depsite them making up the majority of those who would be impacted.
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