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Apple trees

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I planted and fenced 12 apple trees last spring. The fencing and the jute twine run every 2 feet across the top has kept the deer away so far along with sprays. I have the plastic (white) spirel rabbit gaurds around the bottoms. Anything I should do to insure the mice dont try to eat the bark around the bottom or is it fruitless(no pun intented) I am very happy with the trees so far, they all leafed out this summer from a bare root stock. I planted Lodi and a newer brand called honey crisp. Both are zone 3. I am just above the 45th parralel. Any luck with planting apple trees or any suggestions? My mouth is watering just talkin about it!
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Well, you MUST keep the deer off 'em for sure otherwise they'll browse them right down to nothing. They will need regular watering and spraying (all purpose orchard spray) for optimum growth. If they werent properly pruned at the nursery, you'll want to do that too. After a couple more years, some fruit tree fertilizer spikes at the drip line would be good too. Good luck.

Natty B.
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Thanks Natty
I have had success with apple tree's (further south in the state) just never planted on the edge of a hay field this far north, (with success). After seeing how many mice come out of the mower I am concerned about the damage they may cause. I have more money into my fencing than in the trees. The plastic gaurds were recomended by the nursery, just thought someone may have an opinion?
Thanks again
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