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Anyone know the Deadline for Shiver on the River?

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I'm on the west side of the state and probably wont make it over til there's some good ice. When is the deadline for entry and is there an online entry form to download?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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nope no online entry's

I think the deadline is the friday before the tournement starts.

As soon as more information is available I will be sure to post it.
This is all the info I could find right now. M-live web site still has last years info on it. Doesnt mention a deadline, but I think the deadline will be friday Januray 23, 2004.

17th Annual Shiver On the River Walleye Contest

A walleye fishing contest where the heavist fish caught is determined the winner. Anglers must pre-register at various locations, including Gander Mountain. Monetary prizes will be paid to the heaviest fish- 1st to 25th place! The contest begins at 6 am on January 24th and ends at 8 pm on February 7th. This contest is sponsored by The Saginaw News, the City of Saginaw, Gander Mountain and PRIDE in Saginaw, Inc.
Saturday, January 24, 2004 to Saturday, February 7, 2004

Saginaw Bay and its' tributaries
Saginaw, MI

Contact Person: Tammy Weighman

Phone: (989) 776-9704
Website: www.mlive.com/Shiver
E-Mail: [email protected]
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Thanks for the info rb! How's the river looking these days? Any ice?
Monday it was still open. I will check it out this afternoon and report back to ya! With this cold weather I hope to be fishing it mid next week!
When I drove past the Saginaw River this morning, it was frozen over. That was in Saginaw. The Shiver is usually the last week in January and the first week of February. The deadline has always been the day before the tourney starts, which would be a friday. If you know any of the local bait shops that very well, some of them sell entries into the Shiver, and they may let a friend purchase your entry for you. I'd be willing to bet there will be people fishing on the river this weekend. You won't catch me out there yet, but I know that there will be people out there.
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Don't know about the contest but my dad said it was frozen across from the Z-bridge north
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