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Anyone here going to Wolf's Samon Expo?

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I copy and pasted this from another web site. If it's not allowed monter delete it.

OK gents and ladies, here is some more info on the Wolf's Marine shindig January 31.
Wolfs is located at 250 W. Main in Benton Harbor--just take the Business 94 exit from I-94--it's the same street.

Admission is free, and the event runs from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Seminars will be held throughout the day. Here's the lineup:

Mike Steffes, Fishlander Sportfishing Products, 10 a.m.
Deepwater trolling with riggers and spoons

Tim Morris, Indiana Salmon Unlimited, 11 a.m.
Early spring trolling Indiana waters with peanut flies and more

Come-A-Long Sportfishing Team, Noon
Getting started in tournaments (and maybe winning secrets with cutbait and Pro Cure Scent Dispensers? Be sure to ask these guys lots of questions on those topics!)

Dave Mull, Editor, Great Lakes Angler 1 p.m.
Controlled Depth Stealth and Other Cutting Edge Things to Think About on Superbowl Eve.

Tim Pratchler, "The Verdict," Ludington 2 p.m.
Fly secrets

Mike Gnatkowski, writer and charter captain from Ludington, 3 p.m.
Fixed Sliders, Free Sliders and Other Cool Stuff.

(one per family)

Drawings for more cool stuff will take place at 9:30 a.m., Noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Other things of note: "Big Jon" Emory of Legendary Products will be there, as will Jeff Miller of Pursuit Sports.
Any more questions? I hope not, because that's all I know!

Those guys talking about Wolfs being dangerous credit card territory know of what they speak. This place has everything you could want for boating, from affordable deck shoes to navigation lights. I look forward to seeing bunches of fellow GLAnglers there! Don't forget, show special for the subscrition renewal/extension of just $13, plus a free Great Lakes Angler hat or choice lure from an array of manufacturers.
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It is only 20 miles down the highway.... so more than likely I will drop in and make a visit. And the admission price is right too!! :D

Now... if you could only get out of there without spending any money on all the goodies they have!! :eek:
Worm Dunker, Thanks for the heads up the seminar, there are some excellent topics I am planning on going. It will be nice to get away from the ice fishing ( slow year so far).
Don, I'll see ya there! Last one in gets no goodies!
If I can get away I'm there. Maybe lunch at Barneys or do they have a seasonal shutdown?
Barneys is open all year.........A lot of the eye candy is away at college.

He has also opened another restaurant called Spinnackers which is located downtown
This beginner will be there. Hoping to meet some of you. I will be the guy wearing the green "Old Town Canoe and Kayak" ball cap.
Thanks for this notice!
I'll be in a Green Cabela's Hat...proly with a green jacket...that has a small "whirlpool" logo on the front.

See y'all there!
I will not be able to make it.:( Post pardum duties for a few more weeks I'm afraid.:rolleyes:
I will be there I'm as wide as I am tall walk with bad limp(worse after running dogs today). Probly have a Hooters hat on if I remember it.
Aww come on Tim!!!! Post pardum duties???? Can't ya come up with a better excuse than that!!! Just poking fun, of course! We'll miss ya!
Trout Tracker and I will be there when the doors open!

We made it to the show late, (Had to work a 1/2 day) sorry, but I didn't see this thread until the day after the show, I would have liked to meet you guys.

I was the big guy in the hunting coat with my teenage son in Tow.

Maybe next go round.

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