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Anyone have an automatic bilge pump? Like/dislike?

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Thinking of adding an automatic bilge pump. Anyone have one on their boat? Do you like it? Is it reliable?
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I have one in my boat and it has worked each time I have tested it. I usually just lift the float to make sure it works every other week or so.....I have never actually needed it but if I did I am sure it would kick on automatically....

LMF :fish:
Thanks LMF. Do you remember what brand/model your pump is? Looks like Cabela's carries two manufacturers. Not sure if it makes a difference.
Got to have one on my boats (per DNR regs) They work.
Mine is a 750 gph Ruhle....Works great...

LMF :fish:
Thanks guys. Cabela's trip on the agenda for next Saturday p.m.
Today I installed a Rule-Mate 750 automatic bilge pump. Simple project, but sort of a pain because acess to the bilge area is limited. And the 90+ degree heat here today made for a sweaty project.

It works properly in automatic and manual mode. Tested it by filling the bilge with a garden hose. I was expecting automatic mode to drain the bilge more completely. There was still what I call a "considerable" amount of water left. The main reason I put this pump in is for our trip to Canada. Last year there was a huge downpour during the night, and my boat was tied up at the dock. I got up at 2am to turn the bilge pump on, and it ran continuously for about 15 minutes. The owner of the camp also checked on the boats at night and ran all the bilge pumps.

In manual mode, it sucked the bilge almost dry, so I know the pump is installed at the proper location. Must have something to do with how the limits are set on the float switch.

p.s. The bilge was pretty stinky, I wondered why. As I started taking the old pump out, I found two recently deceased mice. Phew!

The Rule 750 is a good pump. I have that and a smaller one just as a back up. That was in Florida alot of rain. Check where your float switch is mounted. If it is forward of the pump it will shut the pump off to early if it is to far aft then it could burn out the pump. I know West Marine made a pump that had the float switch was part of the pump case so that took the quess work out of that part. did you wire your auto side directly to the batt? A small solar charger is always a good idea as well.

Thanks for the feedback. I have the pump mounted "east-west" which means the pump intake is the same distance fore-aft as the float switch. In other words, the float switch is slightly to starboard vs. the intake. I'm not too concerned, because in manual mode is drains the bilge completely dry, so I know it is mounted properly.

Yes the auto side is wired directly to the battery. Did you put an inline fuse in your automatic circuit?
I just put an inline fuse.

I am tranfering up to the SOO from North Carolina / Florida. What changes in tackle should I look into? In Florida mostly Dolphine,King Mac. trolling and bottom wreak fishing is what I am set up for. But I here there is some good trolling up that way?
Wouldnt be without one as it is a regulation. :)
One of the things to remember about bilge pumps.
If you have one with a 3/4 in discharge and hit something and get a 1 inch hole in the boat, the pump won't be able to keep up.
It is suggested you go with the largest one you can.
The whole idea of automatic bilge pump is to keep it dry while your away from the boat, not to keep it from sinking.
Don't forget to keep the battery charged or pump won't work.
I put in an inline 5A fuse in the automatic mode circuit; works great. Tested the pump again in auto mode, and it pumped the bilge dry this time. I must not have had the pump seated all the way down in its mounting bracket. I'm good to go!
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