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Anybody have experience with the Minn Kota DeckHand Series?

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They are electric anchor winches.

Anybody used them? How do the work? Do they hold up well?

I'm looking at putting a DeckHand40 on my boat...But want some feedback from some that have used them as to there usefullness or should I keep looking?

I found them for about 250 bucks and that includes shipping.
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My boat is a 16 foot boat.

The literature states it can handle a 40lb anchor.

Thanks for the feedback...
Not a problem...I'm looking for feedback and you are giving some...

I was hoping some of the river guys had tried them to give me a real world test though...

90% of the time my little 16 foot boat probably would only need 30lbs of anchor...but you never know.

I don't want to be under powered but yet I don't want to be so rediculously over powered either.

Might be hard to get feedback however since the model i'm looking at DeckHand™ 40 (DH-40) is brand new in 2004...

Maybe I'll have to blaze a trail?

The reviews of the product that I have read so far say they have upgraded the gears and added more teeth and they upped the torque.
Thanks guys...I think I have come to the though that I'm going to put a Devit? whatever those things are called on my bow and also one of those anchor rope grippers that hold the anchor rope in place based on a spring...

And use good ole fashioned bicep power...

I can think of a lot of other cool stuff I want to do with my boat/fishintackle than drop a winch on it...

Again thanks for the feedback guys...

I'm gonna get some of that heavy link chain probably a couple sections so i can add and subtract as needed.

Spanky do you think i would hold in the Zoo with 30lbs? Or should I just go for the 40lbs right off the bat?

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1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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