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Another Hamlin report

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Sixshooter and I joined the shantytown off Wilson Hill Park yesterday AM. The bite is still steady, with 7"-8" bluegills, but it's not as good as it was a week ago. We brought back 20 large ones, and released perhaps 2 or 3 times that many, fishing in 10 fow. Only one flag popped for us, and there weren't a lot of other guys catching fish from tipups that saw. Still, it was warm in the shanty and we had action. Life is good.:)
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Hi fellsa,
Where is hamlin lake?
Any bait shops? Where do u park?
Hamlin Lake is just north of Ludington, don't know about the bait shops their.
Try Pere Marquette Sports Center in downtown Ludington or Hamlin Grocery on Jabavy Drive. (Upper Hamlin) :D
Capt Chucks in ludington[ across from wesco] is now handling live bait. If you come from very far Id call and make sure what you want is avalible.
I am heading up to Hamlin (Upper) on the 28th. Any gills still left for me? I last heard they slowed a bit. My group of six or seven are staying by Barnharts. It's been awfully cold in Indiana and I am sure it's cold up there too. Last year it was very slow for us and I was hoping that this year it picked up again. Can any of you that regularly post give me the latest update. I start fishing Thursday. Thanks! I am bringing lots of bait just in case.
Welcome aboard, Crappie. Here's a site you can check for Hamlin Lake. Good luck. Don't catch all the fish.

Thanks Severus for the report for North Bayou. I was looking for anyone who may have gone out this weekend. I will be there on Thursday morning to begin tracking them down. I was hoping they were still on the bite. If anyone may have gone out this Friday through Sunday, please let me know if they are still hitting. I will probably run into some of you if you are out from Jan 29th through Feb 1st. I will be on the ice all four days.

Mousies vs. wax worms? Does it matter or any special color preferred on the tear drops? Thanks for the input! I am a new computer user. Excellent site, found it by accident. Fish on!
I fished The North Bay out from Wilsons Park last Saturday evening. It was my first time ever on the lake. I went out to the crowd, found some agreeable guys, muscled in, and gave it a try. I ended up with 8 gills, and was donated 10 others by fishermen walking off the ice with too few to clean. It was obviously very slow fishing for me and evryone else I talked to. The gills were small, bit very lightly, and not often enough. However, this was my first meal of bluegills from icefishing this year, and they were the best.
Thanks Mark-1 for the info. I will be out all day this Thursday and I will see what happens. I sure hope they pick up. See you on the lake.
It is common for the fishing on hamlin to slow way down after it receives a heavy layer of snow. The fish still feed some and may turn on anytime of the day but the 45 mins around dusk is the most dependable. Iwas on hamlin saturday afternoon and found the fishing slow, no worry about the ice thickness though.
Plugger's right about the snow conditions affecting the fishing on Hamlin. And it has plenty...about 12" on average with some big drifts near shore.

We caught a few small gills and rock bass off Wilson Hill Park on Saturday. Our tip-ups were slow too. We did have 3 flags but each time our Blues came back only bruised. (more than likely from bass) Everyone else we talked to shared our same success.:(
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