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I don't think those were today Reese, if they were, YOU WIN!!! Hey, congrats to your kid....I'll take him on my team next year!!

BTW, WEAK team 4, H8ed was never going to be victorious because we weren't allowed. Read Big T's original post about putting us together, we weren't allowed to take the title.

And if you call a 1 animal win WRECKING us, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You squeeked by plain and simple. Seeing just how close it was confirms that you guys WERE shaking and tinkling your trousers. Hemry pokes a doe on one of those sits at my house and you were DEAD.....OUT.....WRECKED!!!! Because we all know you guys didn't kill any tie breaker bucks.

All I had to do to stir you guys up was EXACTLY WHAT I DID. Know what is really funny? How many PM's I have gotten congratulating me on another H8ed VICTORY!!!! :woohoo1:


Hey, you want me to give you a hint on your nickname?????????...........NOPE!!!!! Looky there, WIN AGAIN!!!!

H8ed RULES!!!!
61 - 61 of 61 Posts