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A buddy of mine was at garage sale type funder raiser for one of his kids school activity. Anyone could donate items and they would sell them. Someone donated 5 boxes of some heavy duty ammo for large game. The ammo did not sell and my buddy is not a gun guy and has no clue what to do with it.

So I have it and I'm trying to sell it for him/fundraiser.

Just wondering what would be a fair market value, the ammo is older but it is still in the boxes and looks like new.

There is 20 rds of 30-06 federal premium high energy, 20 rds 338 win mag federal premium safari 225gr , 20 rds 338 winchestor mag 230 gr failsafe, 40 rds 348 winchester 200 gr silvertip.

Thanks for any help.
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