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Its worth a look. If your intentions are hunting the area this season you can do a quick walk around the the transition line and look for old rubs\new rubs and Large tracks going in and out of the swampy area. If you find trails or tracks ,then look for any trees ,points or high looking areas. Pick out a tree along the transition and throw a sit at it. You have nothing to lose. Worse case is you learn.
IMO the best time to check it out would be in the late winter or early spring. Then it doesn't matter if you go into it and blow deer out. Look for beds ,large tracks . Then you can plan your "attack".
I never rely on cameras for scouting ,but do use them for inventory of what maybe in an area.
They might be bedding close to or in the corn early season and only head to other areas of security cover after the corn has been cut or because of pressure.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts