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Am I too deep in the woods?

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I found a swamp, deeeeeeep in the woods. It's a good 1.5 mile hike getting back there.
It's far away from easy public access. People with adjacent private property are pretty much the only guys I've seen out there. They still aren't putting much pressure on the deer.
So I thought it would be a little honey hole.

I figured the deer would come out of the swamp, from bedding. But after 2 years of scouting (without trail cams) I've only seen one doe walking out of the swampish part.

First question. Do deer bed in swamps? Do they mind a little mud and water? (Picture of the swamp I wanna drag a trophy from)

Second part, is that I'm also far from most cornfields. So I'm wondering if I'm too deep in the woods. Too far from the easy pickings of the agriculture.
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I’ve hunted tag alder, cedar and spruce/fir bogs and swamps for years and done well in them and near them. Each of those most importantly provided cover that was often more secure than surrounding lands, and bucks will use that cover to bed and does being pushed will also sometimes head for similar cover to either avoid or breed rutting bucks. Each of those also had some degree of food in the form of browse but cover was the main draw.

A key thing in the areas I hunt is difficulty of access by people because it’s too wet, too thick or both and that makes it secure and also lowers visibility to where shots greater than about 25 yards are rare without shooting lanes cut. The spot your showing looks more like a cranberry or similar bog, and I’d listen to the guys telling you how use it by hunting around it, or scout more for other spots.

In seriously thick & wet cover distance is not so important.
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