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All nighter on the sag river?

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Just got back from the river with 3 undersized eyes(tossed back)
fished till 7p.m. just around the power lines by the z bridge. My question is????? How's the fishing for the eye's during the eveing hours like from dark until 1 or 2 in the a.m.? I know fishing the st.clair handlining dosen't get good till later in the eveing,,some days we are fishing at 2 or 3 in the a.m.Any of you river rats up that way have any experience doing that? The thought crossed my mind today as i was leaving the river without table fare.:confused:
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I have not pulled a all night on the river, but my brother did about a week ago. Not a single hit from about 1am to 7am. He told me that he used everything in his box o goodies at least 20times each. For me this year, I have been getting all my fish in the evening.
It might help if the fish are in the river( no pun intended) I know some guys that don't go on the Bay until the sun goes down, and some don't go out until after work( second shift rat like me.)They do very well when they find the fish.
The fish might move up on to the shallow flats at night in the river, like they would in the spring when the season opens...Might give that a try...
I wonder how much sunlite is getting through do to the deep snow that we have on top of the ice? I think they feed all day or at least when they are hungry because of the low light . I've done just as good durning the day as I have at night under these conditions. But I also beleive that the best time to fish is when you have the time.
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The one trick to ice fishing that I have learned over the last 40 yrs. is simple . If you have the time then go fishing, thats the fun , catching fish is just an added bonus!
I have never had much luck on the river after dark, the bay is another story, and inland lakes as well. Most of the fish are caught 2 hours before dark and the first 2 hours of day light.During open water season alot of fish are caught on the river around the bridges after dark, mainly the bridges that have lights.
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