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Algonac - St. Clair 5/21

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Finally was able to get out for the second time this year (3rd in the last two) and almost pulled off a 2man limit trolling the SCR. My cuz did catch one more but is was ½" under. Purple was the hot color.
We were on the water 9hrs so it made for a long day. Everyone we talked too said it was tough and they didn't get much so I guess we did pretty good.
Fish were between 15"-20"
Canadian side was packed with boats.
I always tell my cuz to quit smoking so he throws down a brand new pack of smokes for size comparison lol

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Couldn't believe how busy the river was last weekday morning I was out. Decided to try the lake instead last night. Turns out there's a bleepload of fish out there too.. not a boat within 5 miles of me and an absolute fire drill for the hour or so before dark. Couldn't keep two rods in the water. There's ways to avoid the crowds. Canadian license definitely helps... Worth the price of a few bandits far as I'm concerned
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