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I hunt public land in alger county, where it is all swamps & hard woods, no farming at all for about 20 miles in any direction,

Here is a video that my game camera (SG550) caught of the only deer that made its way near there on the 14th just after midnight.

Notice that there is a mere nubbin for the G3 on the right antler, otherwise a nice 3.5yr old 10 ptr..........

Now fast forward to opening day in Michigan, Nov 15th, and notice the same nubbin for the rt hand G3 antler ! :D
I like it when a plan comes together! The buck weighed in at 150lbs on the hog scale (dressed). It got cold, so we couldnt age the deer, because we couldnt open his mouth at the DNR station. The inside spread was 16 inches, my best from up there so far.

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