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Well I had the day off today since there was no way to get to school. I had to sit at home alone which is worse than being at school.:eek: My dad stopped home and offered to drop me off at ************ for a few hours of fishing. I gladly accepted, I was hurried to get me gear but some how got it all!!!! My main mission today was to test out some of the trout swap flies and the baby rainbow I made. My first cast in I hooked a very nice sucker(if theres such a thing) on drbnds fly!!!!:cool:

I fished multiple nymphs to no avail so I decided it was time to bust out the baby rainbow. after about 10 minutes of different speeds I found the one they wanted and landed this nice little walleye.

I covered all the likely water but couldn't catch another fish so I went to what I thought would be secondary and my first cast had this "respectable" resident rainbow!!

another shot

Fished along time before I got this little bigger walleye, which would be the last fish of the day.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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