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Hi Members and Neighbors,
The Abitibi Deer Management Cooperative has its next meeting scheduled for Friday evening, November 18, from 7pm to 10pm. Doors should be open by 6:00 pm if you want to arrive a little early to socialize, and swap hunting reports. The meeting is open to all members, and interested parties that have property, and/or hunt within the area of the co-op. If you know of someone tied to the area, that might not be getting this information, please pass it on to them. In the interest of lowering the cost of mailings, if you are getting this by mail, and have an email address, please pass that along to us.
The meeting is going to be held at the Benton Township Community Center. This is the same place we had the meeting last fall. The center is located at 5012 Orchard Beach Road. We will have a bite to eat and then get down to business. We will have some signs out to help everyone find their way.
As always there is no cost associated with attending the meeting or joining the co-op. We are all interested in finding ways to improve the state of our local deer herd, and thereby also improve the hunting. We currently have over 19,000 acres involved and are always willing to welcome new members. If you are not currently a member, but would like to sign up, all you have to do is get in touch with us, and let us know where your property is located, how many acres you have, and your contact information so we can include you in all discussions involving the co-op.

Thanks for your time, and we hope to see everyone at the meeting.

Ed Kleinjan
[email protected]
(616) 610-0698

Dan Jacobs
[email protected]
(989) 430-7174
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