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My good friend Whit and I decided to do a little fishing last sat and headed down to the Big Man. We got the Tippy Dam area around 7:00am after spoting Milts' truck at High Bridge. We should got there at 5:00 or 6:00am. It was what You might expect on a nice sat morning during spring steelhead season. Meny boats and meny fishermen and gals. After seeing that fish were being caught in all direction We launched the Dry Fly 12'er. an proceded to watch the show. Our first stop was on the south side at the tail end of the sawdust hole. The river was up a little from the resent rains with a good stain to it. I started out using a floating jig with waxworms and Milt was using spawn bags. After about 20 mins. I put a pink bag on the jig and My first drift down the middle of the river hooked Me into a nice fish. It took Me down river then up then it decided to circle the boat and down into the anchor line of the boat below us and was gone. We continued to drift on down trying hear and there. I had one more fish on and off.
It was a beautiful day on the river and all the people we talked to were very friendly. It was Milt's turn to be captain and He did a fine job of rowing and spoting the boat in prime fishing spots but our luck in landing fish for the day was not good. The last half of the float We did'nt fish very much just enjoyed the river and the fine weather. We finished up at High Bridge around 12noon.
Hear are some Pics. of those We pasted. No Pics of us. You already know how handsome and entellegent looking We are.

I told Milt that this last pic. must be of a spot that no one mentioned on the internet. About a half mile of river wuth no one in site..LOL
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