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Louisiana began in 1999 offering a special Youth Hunt which is held statewide the weekend prior to the opening of muzzle loader season. Participants could include any youingster that had completed a Hunter Education course and was under the age of 16. It is an excellent opportunity to introduce a kid to hunting that may be from a single parent household. It also offers an excellent chance to get an extra doe shot on lands that are trying to reduce their population. It can also make memories that will last a lifetime.
I didn't get involved in the hunt last yr but did take a young boy hunting. This yr I did manage to get him out the second day (Sun, 22nd) and we did connect on a doe, 4.5 yrs old, 103 lbs, and lactating. During the morning hunt he had to pass on 2 spikes and a fawn, but did really enjoy watching them for some 40 minutes.

Now I know some of you may say that she was light (I agree) and others might add that I should have picked out one without a fawn (which wasn't present at the time). My point is, this kid has now taken his third deer, he has been introduced to QDM and I think he is hooked.

Last yr. when left by himself after several hunts, he mistakenly took a button buck, but he learned from it. He was made to pass a 2.5 yr old 6pt with no real concern for having to pass on it and just couldn't connect on a doe.

Here is a picture of Ben Robinson with his trophy taken October 22, 2000.

I might add that he did not get the least bit nervous and dropped the ole gal right where she stood with his newly purchased .270 Rem model 700.

I would take this opportunity to ask each of you to consider mentoring a youngster this fall. It can be quite rewarding and the future will be brighter for your effort.

How many of your states offers such a program or special hunt?

Managing today for a better tomorrow, let him go so he can grow!
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