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I woke up this morning at 6am and it was raining. I checked the radar and it looked like we might get a pocket of sunshine right about 1 or 2. So I roused up the g/f and kids about 9 or so and got em all moving. My son wasn't sure what he wanted to do (g/f trouble) so I opted to leave him home and took my daughter and Amber, along with the two dogs, out to canoe the Pine/Chippewa/Tittabawasee.
Our lab, Denali has never been in the canoe. The little ankle biter, Teddy is an old hand at the canoe and know what's up when she sees it going on the car. I was prepared for the worst my friends, four girls, counting the dogs and me.
All said, Teddy ended up being the least trouble. After one more trip back home (I forgot the paddles :lol:), I met up with my Mom to drop my car at the Tridge.
So off we went. About 10 minutes into the trip (sit denali, sit denali, no denali) denali finally got her sea legs and settled in. The wind picked up pretty hard when the sun came out, which was fine by me. There is a lot less paddling involved when you can just rudder yor way along with a good tail wind. We anchored up twice, but decided we'd just hit our favorite hole , knowing we could all get out and stretch a bit there.
I need to add, we can't walk into our honey spot anymore. It's inside the Chippewa Nature Center and they have put up big "No Tresspassing" Signs all along the border. I haven't got a good look see at the signs, but maybe it's some kind of breeding program. Or maybe some folks who know the same spot aren't to good at policing their trash up, we always hauled at least a grocery bag of other peoples stuff out. :rant:
Anyway, back to the spot. We got out and cast in some crawlers just to see what was lurking. I got a decent bite almost right away, but he only ate the tail of the worm. Amber was cast close to some rocks and caught a nice (but skinny) walleye over 20". No more bites for me, and my daughter got bored so she wasn't fishing. About 15 minutes later Amber reeled in a decent redhorse that came up like a log. About this time, I had a big fish follow my worm up after a snag, I paused but he just turned away. Couldn't tell what it was, just a shadow. So I am in the hole 0-2 and after putting up with 3 whiny...well...women for 2 hrs I was pissed.
We've all been there, ready to just cash in and kick back, enjoy the sunshine if nothing else. So I went back to the canoe, switched out my rig and put a rat rap on (bluegill flavor). Second cast I found out what had followed my worm up. Got me a nice northern pushing 30" (his head and tail touched the ring of the net). I was laughing at this point, finally some redemption!
I started repeating the same casting pattern around where we were, up into the shallows near weeds. Ended up catching myself a nice fat Smallie, I'd guess 18-20" two casts later.
I was done after that, a happy clam. The rest of the journey was uneventful, unless you want to count the ladies primping and complaining when we got back to civilization.
A good day, mixed bag. I won't be doing it again with the same crew. :lol:
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