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A few questions...

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Will be venturing over to the bay and river for the first time ever this weekend. Have been reading as much as I can on these forums. We do a lot of fishing over here, on the West side of the state, but have never fished the bay or river. I am looking for any/all info that people would be willing to share. I am wondering about...

a. what are the major mistakes newbies make when fishing the river? Are there areas to stay away from for the sake of safety? For the most part, I imagine we will stick to trail others have already made. Does the presentation differ between what to do on the river and on the bay?

b. we have a sled and will be trying the bay, as well. With being multiple miles out, does everyone take along gps to get back to land? Thinking about taking off out of Linwood. Any areas with questionable ice around there?

c. Closest bait shop around Vet's park?

d. Thank you for any and all advice.
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River has lots of ice....bring auger....lots of smalls but a few dandy's mixed in....been in BC LAST few days and limits are the norm...raps and buckshots. Midday bite had been best with full moon.
How much ice does vets have?
Thank you! May take my power auger instead of hand auger.
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