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A few new PM pics

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I thought it was about time that I posted some pictures and updated my report a little. Steve has been doing a great job on letting you know what has been going on around here with the river and all. It's probably not going to be a record high, just a darn good river washer. Maybe it will flush out some of the holes and wash out some of the sunken trees and such. Who knows, we will probably have a lot of new surprises when the river comes down again.

The pictures aren't in any particular order and unfortunately some of them are a bit fuzzy. I still have not figured out if it is my picture taking or the camera acting up. Perhaps a little of both.

Things are looking pretty good as far as the amount of fish that are spawning now. Its good to see them do their thing. Of course it is really hard to see them due to the amount and color of the water but, you can see some well polished gravel in spots.

Just the idea of getting out and spending some time on the river is exciting enough in its own right. Enough of the indoor activites for one winter...... For me thats watching movies and eating.... At least I have good intentions, you know, walk, exercise, eat sparingly, all the normal thoughts of good behaviour. I really enjoy thinking about exercise as I wolf down a large bowl of French Vanilla Ice Cream with Butterscotch sauce. Its excellent thinking food. As a matter of fact I think I will have some more..... Anyway, enough of the silliness. I am anxious to get out on a regular basis as I am sure a lot of you are, also. Its time to get a fix as our good friend the "Junkie" puts it so aptly. A time to reflect on the pleasures of screaming reels, tangled lines, crowded rivers and all that Spring Steelheading brings with it. Maybe crowds aren't a pleasure yet it becomes part of the annual Spring festival of the Iron Heads. Perhaps we should all just have some more ice cream and reflect on the fact that we get to enjoy our great rivers, some tremendous fishing, great company and some wonderful memories.

Chris and a nice Brown.

Dave and the 1st of the day.

Tony and his 1st of the day.

Bob's largest to date.

A gorgeous day on the river.

John's 26 inch Brown.
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Daves 1st of the day.....
Holy Cow!! That's a Damn nice brown! Thanks for the pics Herb.

Thanks for getting the blood pumping today....that is one fine Brown....
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