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92' Merc Black Max 135 Stator Trouble

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Looking for some experienced help with this one.

Recently the motor has been bogging under acceleration with a good load. Eventually the RPMs rise and the boat gets on plane but nothing like it used to. I pulled the flywheel to look at the stator prior to reading it with a meter but DVA voltage checks on the coils are high and unstable. Also, a voltage check of what the regulators are putting out shows a constant high output of over 17VDC which I know is not good.

Attached is a quick pic of the stator and it looks burnt to me.

What has changed recently? Well, I've been running my kicker (Merc 9.9 4S) a lot fishing. I have both motors connected to one battery without a switch. Just directly connected. I don't run them at the same time. Only for a few seconds when I 'm moving from one to the other.

Is having them both connected causing a cross charging condition where the kicker's charging circuit is harming the main motor? I've had plenty of people tell me that they run both motors on one battery with no switch and no trouble.

Want to get this figured out before I put the new stator in ($350). Figured I'd go ahead and replace the switchboxes and V-regs at the same time just to be sure about this ignition issue.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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that long on a merury stator, you did very well.
when i was a mechanic you would not believe all the bad stators merc had, and if you went to a great shop they alot of times could get it covered.
if i recall correctly most merc stators from the 90s and before have went threw atleast 10 diffrent upgrades.

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