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6 mo old GSP, Free

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Hey guys/gals,
A coworker of mine has a friend who must get rid of his 6 month old male GSP because he is moving to an apartment. Dog will go to the pound soon. I have not seen the dog, but he is intact, has all shots and papers. I'd take the dog, but I have been sworn to wait until I have a new house before aquiring any new hunting partners.

P.M. me and I will let my coworker know of any interest.
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Thanks for all the interest and P.M.'s
I hate to see a dog like this (or any dog for that matter) sent to the pound. I'd jump on the opportunity, but my situation won't allow right now.

Sorry no pics at this point, at this rate it looks like the dog may go before pics make posting.
The dog is house broken. I am not sure if he has been around kids or not, details comming...
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Sorry for the silence.
I'm still following on the pup. Apparently this a-hole may have taken the pup to a shelter. Worst case, I'll find the shelter.
Sometimes I think people should be tested to find out if they are worthy to own a dog in the first place!:rant:
Thanks for all the interest. I'll keep on it and post updates. Sorry for the B.S.
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Fishcapades said:
Any news on the pup?
Should have some word just after noon today...
To all interested,
The pup was indeed dropped off at a shelter as suspected. Fortunately, the pup was almost immediately adopted by a hunter and should be living out the remainder of his days as it was intended by the bird Gods...

Fishcapades and lowavenger96: I know you guys were chomping at the bit for this little guy. I am sorry it did not work out for you guys as I know you'd have both furnished great homes for him. Unfortunately, the guy who asked for help finding a home offered no time to find the home, he is a jack***. In spite of this moron, thankfully, the dog will be safe and sound.
Thanks again for all the interest in the GSP's situation.
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