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8-13 was the final damage....
So I had the pleasure of fishing with friends of my wife's who had never fished the big lake before. Needless to say it was an experance not to be forgoten.
I think Saturday was the worst boat traffic of the year and it really hurt the fishing. Started at 4:30 in 60 foot of water by 5 am a triple was hooked up and I did not even have the AP set in the water...... I payed for this as I got to drive, net and instruct on how to fight some lake michigan sea donkeys......
Needless to say we only got 1 of those fish in because of some not so good rod work by the noobies... At this point it was the Son 1 and dad 0.
I re set the lines put down the AP and tried to enjoy my breakfast of mt dew and crackers when all of a sudden a diver, 2 copper and a rigger all go off at once..... I almost wet myself, I thought I hooked a log!
2 noobies on the diver and rigger as the coppers just SANG!! 2 fish in the boat and a mess of lines and rods as I hand off both coppers that are both 400 plus feet from the boat. .... needless to say again a couple fish got away.... I hooked myself in the hand (Pulled out with some line) and 2 very happy riders:)

Starting a day 3-7 would have my hopes up as I was not even fishing the pod of fish that I wanted too. 7 am rolls around and every weekend guy from here to Chicago surounded me and well... I could only take so much and decided to fish outside the pack and moved out to 135 to 150. (There are ZERO fish in that water) I now know this and will not be back for a while.
Around PS the pack broke up at 9 am and I worked my way back to the line I had wanted to fish. After talking to Terry I turned back around nad ran the boat at a GPS speed of 3.0 to 3.3 because of currents and started the second "good" troll" of the day. By the time we made it back to Spyglass we had 5 more fish and a loss of a screamer at the end.

North Troll 2.4
South Troll 3.0-3.3
What worked
Diver Back 180 11" White paddle with a BLL Liquid sunshine fly
Diver back 200 11" White paddle with a BLL fly Mirage with glow and blue beads
Rigger on the bottom with a silver spinnie BLL Lemon Berry Fly
300 45 pound copper with a BLL Patriot
270 45 pound copper with a BLL Blue Green Frozen Frog
200 32 pound copper with a BLL Blue Green Frozen Frog
250 32 pound copper with BLL Blue/Green Frozen Frog

Not very exiting, but it worked.......

The best fish of the day was 18.5 pounds... took the 300 copper out another 300 and the young lad on the boat dragged that beast the entire way back to the boat. He was as tired as the fish and was VERY proud... so was is father.
All in all a great day... The June slow down is here though...
Ended up with 4 kings 4 trout 2 throw backs at 19 inches:(

edit to add pictures

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