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500 & 600 Michigan Buck Clubs

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A spinoff of the 700 Club. Lots of us are never going to be in the 700 Club for a variety of reasons. #1 reason is that we may have never seen a(or very few) 140" buck alive in person or on camera in the area that we hunt.

Michigan fair-chase bucks only.
Legally taken.
5 bucks score added together.
Gross score.......standard B&C scoring. CBM is B&C scoring.
If your bucks haven't been scored by CBM, put a tape to them yourself.
You can be in both clubs. Example: Your 5 best--611 3/8. Your 5 best bow--569 2/8. Your 5 best gun--587 7/8.
Another example: Your 5 best SLP bucks--657 6/8. Your 5 best NLP bucks--547 1/8. Your 5 best UP bucks 501 0/8.
And another: Your 5 best private land bucks--607 3/8. Your 5 best public land--561 5/8.

L & O
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I've got a bunch but I'm not taking them down to measure them. They got shot because they impressed me and don't need to impress anyone else.
I like the post and congrats to the success of everyone. Here is a pic of one of my walls, I have a lot more. Also doesn't include this years buck but none have ever been. Scored.
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Amen OGB. The true score should be the story behind the pursuit , quest, dream or just pure sh++house luck of the hunt.
I guess in my life my numerical score is under but pushing the 700 mark but like I've always said, when you take a tape and score a buck , " it's just a number ".
I like this thread but put some pics to it. I'll start it off in the slp where I have hunted for all my life for the elusive can wise one. View attachment 804835
Love every minute spent
To me that looks like way over “700”...hours worth of great times hunting to accrue a wall like that!
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