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500 & 600 Michigan Buck Clubs

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A spinoff of the 700 Club. Lots of us are never going to be in the 700 Club for a variety of reasons. #1 reason is that we may have never seen a(or very few) 140" buck alive in person or on camera in the area that we hunt.

Michigan fair-chase bucks only.
Legally taken.
5 bucks score added together.
Gross score.......standard B&C scoring. CBM is B&C scoring.
If your bucks haven't been scored by CBM, put a tape to them yourself.
You can be in both clubs. Example: Your 5 best--611 3/8. Your 5 best bow--569 2/8. Your 5 best gun--587 7/8.
Another example: Your 5 best SLP bucks--657 6/8. Your 5 best NLP bucks--547 1/8. Your 5 best UP bucks 501 0/8.
And another: Your 5 best private land bucks--607 3/8. Your 5 best public land--561 5/8.

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Heck I might be able to squeak in there.
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