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500 & 600 Michigan Buck Clubs

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A spinoff of the 700 Club. Lots of us are never going to be in the 700 Club for a variety of reasons. #1 reason is that we may have never seen a(or very few) 140" buck alive in person or on camera in the area that we hunt.

Michigan fair-chase bucks only.
Legally taken.
5 bucks score added together.
Gross score.......standard B&C scoring. CBM is B&C scoring.
If your bucks haven't been scored by CBM, put a tape to them yourself.
You can be in both clubs. Example: Your 5 best--611 3/8. Your 5 best bow--569 2/8. Your 5 best gun--587 7/8.
Another example: Your 5 best SLP bucks--657 6/8. Your 5 best NLP bucks--547 1/8. Your 5 best UP bucks 501 0/8.
And another: Your 5 best private land bucks--607 3/8. Your 5 best public land--561 5/8.

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I'm with you Shrooms...just over 640" for me, 660" if including out of state. All the Michigan bucks are SLP, so I'll hang in the back of the room until hitting 700" as well.
My top 5 are ~620" and I have 5 with a bow over 600" but I'm young enough that I will continue to wait for the 700" club. I do appreciate the attempt to draw in a bunch of deer porn though....
I just did some quick math and believe my dad and I have a combined top 5 right at 700" off the small lease we've hunted for the last 30 years. Not bad for a 20 acre woodlot.
Besides giving individuals an opportunity to share personal numbers, I have suggested that hunters might share what their group/family has done on State Land or on their private property since ownership occured.
The best 5 from your property gross score of 500 or 600 + ? Maybe 700+ ?
Total kills of your group on State Land or from your property? Certainly a good number at 100+. Some over 500+ also.

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Oh, for sure. I'm counting 16 bucks off the property over the last 15 seasons, all over 100". A couple 2 year-olds in the mid-aughts, the last 12 years has been all 3+.
That is excellent. Probably quite a few bucks between 100-125" ?

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