I have a great running 5.7 Vortec 315 hp motor I had installed new back in 2010. it was used on lake Erie a few trips a yr the first few yrs. then it was only used for a couple of weekends playing on the water for a few yrs. then started fishing Erie again for a week each yr.

I was running it too hard with a low-pitched prop and blew both head gaskets about 6 yrs ago. replaced them and she runs like new again. she has an aluminum intake with a dual line holly 4 barrel. I replaced the 600 carb with a 750 I got a great buy on. but now on top end, it misses just a bit. I just think it needs a new set of plugs. I have never bothered changing then. the motor has never had a problem starting and running smoothly with the 600 carb. but it was peeling metal in the bowl and had to be replaced. I always loved the way she ran. the motor came new from michigan motors as a brand new marine silver package.

but last yr I put a new top on the boat and the old top laid all the way down but the new one was made to rest on the back posts about halfway down. when I got back from Erie I tried to get my son to guide me in the pole barn. after about half an hour I got tired of waiting. I got the boat lined up and took off back in the pole barn. I didn't even notice the top had caught on the overhead door and tore it all to heck and busted windows and tore the top out of the gunnels. I only had it insured for 4500 and it was totaled.

the motor is still in the boat but the outdrive has been removed. but it can be started for a short time without water. if you want to hear it run.

if you have any questions please ask. the motor comes complete ready to set in and go.