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5-12 LSC morning

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Went out of Crocker and picked up a quick limit pullin spinners this morning. Was a costly trip though. I was cruisin along about 19-20 GPS speed, and all of a sudden, POW! ping-a-ling cling clackety cling ping! Main motor went poop. Not sure if it blew a piston or a rod or some sort of shaft or what, but there was somethin rattlin around in there and whatever it is, it ain't good.:( So at any rate, I figured, well, I'm gonna have to motor back in on the kicker motor regardless, and I'm already this close to the 400 club, so I mine as well pick up my fish before I make the slow ride back in. Ended up wetting lines for about 2 hours. Caught 8, and kept these 6. 9.5 to 10.5 was the best depth. Made one pass in the slightly deeper water (11-12 foot) but that wasn't as productive as the shallower stuff. Water is pretty stained in close. Chartruese and Orange were the best colors. Here's the fish, now, anyone got an 60-70 horse outboard for sale???:dizzy::lol:
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Sorry to hear that, Scott. Four people in my boat is kind of cramped but if Junior decides to fish with his buddy next week then I may be able to take you and Jimmy for a troll. Stay in touch.

Mike Sr
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