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3 lots Lakes of the North

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Well guys, sorry about the delay in mailing info on these lots. Please email your address again and they will be mailed immediately. I have three 1/2 acre lots for sale at Lakes of the North near Gaylord. Thi is an association with golf course, many lakes, skiing, Ice rink, Tubing hill, Airport, and much more. The price is 5,800.00 for all three. Too many amenities to list. You can look them up onlineby searching Lakes of the north Michigan. Email any questions to [email protected]. Thanks.

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5500.00 for all three.
what utilities does the lots have, my grandpa might be interesting in this.
electric at the road.I believe there is sewer also but will have to check. E mail his address and i can mail him an info packet. Thanks.

Huntsomebucks,all (3) contiguos? Side by side? If so could you e-mail me the lot #`s, address or roads? I`ve done some surveying in the LOTN property.And would be interested in taking a look.Thanks.
I am from the Mancelona area. I believe lakes of the North has association fees?
Lot of mobile homes there.
Good area to snowmobile.
I have owned property in L/N for a few years. Our associaton fees were roughly $150.00. It is a great recreational community with nice golf course, 2 good fishing lakes, winter sports area, camp grounds. Clubhouse with indoor pool, tennis courts,etc. Where are the properties located?
can i get some info on these? may be interested soon. & are they right next to each other?
Thanks for the interest. They are all next to each other and total a little over 1 1/2 acres. I have info packets made up so if you want more info just pm me with your HOME address and i will gladly mail you one. It details the lots and all the amenities.
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