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3 ice augers

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1- Jiffy pro lite 4 Propane, 8", like new, pristine condition, less than 20 holes drilled, $250

2 - Nils Artic Treker - one has drilled less than 20 holes, one has never drilled a hole, both as new, $175 ea. Awesome drills when with manual handle amazing when used with battery drill. These break down into 3 sections, top power head and manual handle section, bottom drill head section and center extension section. No tools needed to break down. Early ice use just the top section and the lower head to cut up to 10-12" of ice with a very compact auger.

I live in central Ohio but could meet north of Toledo if I am delivering a couple of these. Hard to make the trip for just 1

[email protected]

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The Jiffy propane is sold. I am meeting a gentleman from MI near Toldeo this Saturday afternoon that is purchasing one of the Nils. There is one Nils remaining. If you want it and I can deliver them at the same time Saturday I would drop the price $10 bucks each for the one he is already purchasing and for the one remaining.
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