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3 hour tour

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Hit Marysville late and had to be back early for my sons girlfriends 25th bday dinner. Brought jigging rods and a couple BB rods. I did one long drift dragging meat for about an hour and didn’t get a bump. So I shot to my summertime shallow jigging spot and popped a super golden **** Head. Next drift got a 19” eye, next drift an 18”. Nothing next couple drifts but gobies. Freighters were insane today. Coming through 3 at a time plus a cruise ship. Woulda been dead calm without all that. So I had about an hour left to spare so I went to my close Canadian spot and got a 17” right off the rip. Then nothing for a couple drifts. Marked a bunch of fish but they weren’t interested. Crazy minnows still everywhere. Ended up getting a really fat 18.5” smallie that danced around like a salmon, was pretty cool. Thought for sure I would have done better but is what it is. Pimp daddy tipped with crawler piece did all the damage lmao. Water was 69.3 degrees. Still better then birthday shopping with old lady lol.
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Was that a cruise ship, or your new super yacht? That’s not the cruise ship that I saw the summer on the river, I think it was called the Octavius

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