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25 deer 1 shot

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Well went out to old faithful(the stand wherei shot bothmy bow bucks last year, and always see deer) at my gpa's property tonight. Sitting not expecting to see anything when i look over my shoulder into a winter wheat field. Hmm... Few does, ok...too far, here they come. Well had a big girl at 75 yards...toast right? or not, instead of big boom, and little crack. Only the primer went off. Amazingly the deer didn't all run from the field! So i frantically trie to get the primer out of my traditions inline.( not an easy task). I finally get it out, and place a new one in. Darn it, The doe is walking away about 125 yds. Finally about at 150yds Two yearlings come and get her turned broadside finally. Then POWWW. Smoke, i see deer running everywhere. 20 deer run out of the swail. Went looked fro blood, an found no sign of a hit deer. My uncle is looking again in the morning jus to be sure, but looks like a clean miss. Oh well had a fun time and saw enough deer to keep me in the woods next weekend.
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