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22 pistol,What's yor favorite?

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I've always wanted a 22 pistol for target and squirreling,any suggestions will be much appeciated. Take down and cleaning ability is one of my"important" points of interest.
How about scopes? I haven't had any experiance with one on a pistol,but I know someone out there has!Point me in the right direction, Thanks,
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Well Rick between me and my 3 friends we have 2 Browning Buckmarks, one Colt, and a Ruger Mk II..........they all shoot great, depends on whos the better shot on any given day.........
Between the Browning and the Ruger, Which one did You prefer and why? Any comments on the Bull barrels?
I use a H & R "Forty-niner" nine shot revolver for squirrels. I love it. I use .22 shorts so the noise isn't real bad. The squirrels are fairly safe too. :)
I have a H & R "SPORTSMAN" that I have had for a lot of years that I enjoy shooting. Can't be beat for take down, cleaning, or durability. It's more accurate than I am. No experiance with a scope on a pistol.

I also have a Colt Diamond Back that is a twin to ny Colt Python .357, But I would just as soon shoot the H & R.

I've owned a Browning buckmark and a Ruger single six I realy like both but I think the Buckmark is a little more accurat for me. I like the single six because it also offered me a .22 magnum cylinder as well and is alot easier to clean.

Rick I like my Buckmark with the bull barrel I think its a little more accurate, my one friend has a reddot on his and it shoots tight groups. My father inlaw has a buckmark as well as a S&W, I think its the 41 with both barrels and a target grip, big coin, but what a gun.......If you can afford it thats the one to go with.....He also has another Smith in a six shot stainless looks like a 629 and that one is also a nice plinker.....
I owned a Ruger Single Six and now own a Mark II with the Bull barrel. They were both great guns. True, the Single Six offered magnum capability but it was also much easier to clean well without disassembly. I think the trigger on the Single Six was also a little bit better than the Mark II. Having said that, the Mark II is a blast, may be a little more accurate, and can be slicked up to shoot even better. Neither one will let you down.
The Ruger MK II.The aftermarket gadgets and goodies are more available than for any other.Scope mounts come in several flavors and styles.
Volquartson makes all sorts of trick Titanium hammes and such.Thre'es even a .22 short conversion available.
I have had Buckmarks,High Standards,Colt's(Post woodsman)and S&W .22 auto pistols.
All have gone away and the MKII has been a constant.It fit's my hand better and has been the most reliable.
My favorite is my old 5.5" HB govt. model.
I did a trigger job on it and that's it.
I did bust a bolt stop pin some 20,000 or so rounds ago,but that was my fault.
As for takedown for cleaning it IS a bit of a pain untill you get into the "Zen" of it,and then it's no problem.Also consider that the MKII is a bit of an ammo slut and will cycle reliably once broken in with an unbelievable amount of crud in the action.
I have gotten lazy with some of my own arms as of late and the MK II gets a detail strip only after 3-4 Bricks of ammo.If she gets cranky about cycling a toothbrush and a shot of Rem. action cleaner gets the big chunks out.A light coat of breakfree and it back at it.A light coat of oil in the action area is the key.Too much and all the filth just sticks to the oil.
Ruker makes a MKII Target model in SS that comes with scope mounts and sounds as if it is tailor made for you.
Ruger rings will return very,very,very close to zero when removed and put back on,and aftermarket levers are available to turn the factory rings into QD's.
Accuracy is top notch right out of the box.
Over half of the pistols on the firing line at Perry were MK II's last time I visited.
It will shoot better than all but the top Olympic shooters can hold.
I can't say enough about 'em.
BTW.My wife took over mine and I had to get her,her own to get mine back!
We spend hours on the back deck plinking with them in the summer evenings,and it's common to burn several 550 packs between us in a single shutzenfest.
Whatever you decide,good luck to ya,and have FUN!
Ruger Mk II standard for me; except that I put a set of millet adjustable target sights on it. Shoots well enough to bag bunnies and squirrels. Good luck.
I also have a ruger semi-auto loader. I how- ever have a ruger standard. That is in the 17th manufacture group in the 4 didget serial #'s. That means that it is a second year production model. Way befor the mark I, mark II's or the bull barrell. And the fun thing is they all break down the same with a palm flop out pin/lever. When mine was made they came without ajustable sites. I had the firearm for about 6 minths when i installed a front and back set of millet sites . And it wasn't long befor i was winning local turnaments with the thing. It was nonthing to shoot 50 yrs and hit a 4x4 inch steal swinging target 5 or 6 out of 6 shots.My barrel lenght is 6". That seams to be the optimum for all around sport shooting. I have hunted rabbit, squirral, frog, woodchuck, and porcupines with my ruger. I wouldn't trade it for a thousand dollars. I couldn't recommend the .22 ruger enough. For as someone said, functionability with crud build up, the thing just plain shoots. I do think ill be buying another ruger this summer . And it will be in the six inch range . I am just a little uncomforable that my ruger was made befor they started locking back when last shot was fired. But the beauty is; it shoots. And it shoots well . It has been a friend on the river bank. It has been a friend in hundereds of small game hunts. And has put many a game critter on the table. The next most inviteing thing about the ruger is price. As most sidearms go today it is very afordable.
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