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.22 for coyote?

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Well I was planning on going out tomorrow night with a friend to try to call in a yote(for the first time) We will be going out abot 3pm (after school) and probably hunt well into the night. He's taking his 12 ga with buckshot, and I was thinking the same, if not my .22. My question is....will my .22 take down a yote? I was shooting it tonight, and i always have been deadly accurate with the gun. I was hitting a pop bottle ar 120yds with open sights. (took 6 shots at the rage and connected 5 times) So will the .22 be capable of putting down a yote if i go for a head shot, or behind the shoulder?? But any other advice would be appreciated, I am new to this predator hunting, and need some help. Thanks.
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A .22 will for sure put down a coyote,although there are more qualified guns.
A .22 mag. would be ok on coyotes. I wouldn't use a .22 long rifle unless there are very close and then you are better off with a shotgun at close range, however you can't hunt at night with buckshot.
Originally posted by Michigan Birdhunter
however you can't hunt at night with buckshot.
I think this is true also.
Go with the 12 guage and some heavy load , #4's or if you can find a #2 load you will be better off.Buck shot is ILLegal at night. Hitting a running coyote in the head with a 22 will be very tough, and a bad shot will probably result in a lost coyote.
The 22 mag would work fine, there are some new 33 grain v-max loads that shoot great out of my marlin 22 mag.
good luck, let us know how you do.
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I was in Cabela's the other day and they had a 60 grain long rifle bullet. i think it was SSS ? super subsonic i think. has anyone ever shot these? would they be enough to take down a coyote with one shot?
If it's a subsonic it will travel slow because there are designed to be quiet. A normal 22HP will take a coyote down at close range but it's not a good choice. kinda like using a 223 on deer, but slower.
maybe this was luck, but last year huntin a gravel pit in Romeo i shot a nice yote with a 22 long rifle usin stingers for ammo.. it was about a 60 yd shot... i never got to shoot at another one while huntin last year so maybe it was luck, but it dropped him..
Fasteight where what the bullet placed? behind the shoulder?
I feel that a .22 LR is limited to 75 yards or less due to trajectory and windage issues. Good shot placement is critical for using .22 LR on coyotes, much beyond 75 yards the LR bullet drop is enough to make precise ranging critical. Also even 'mild' breezes can really throw off a .22 at these distances. Check the ballistic tables and see what a 10 mph crosswind does to a .22 LR at 100 yards!! WAAAYYY off. For these reasons I would forget about head shots with the .22 LR.

I think the .22 magnum is a much better choice, you can maintain point blank sighting out to 120 yards or so.

I would like to see some ballistic tip ammo in a 40 gr loading, all I can find is the 30 - 35 gr slugs.
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Those Aguila SSS 60 grain bullets you seen will definately do the job. The problem with them is that they don't advertise the fact that you can not shoot them through a standard barrel. The twist rate on factory barrels won't support that bullet. Any custom Butler Creek barrel or any of the other match competition barrels will shoot those rounds. If you get a box and try shooting them through a stock barrel the bullets will tumble really bad. I used them on my stock 10/22 barrel the first time I got them and they were tubling at 50 feet, I couldnt even hit the paper target to tell where they were hitting. Now that I have a competition barrel on my 10/22 they shoot awsome. There is alot of energy coming from the 60 grain bullets.
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BVW i also have a marlin 22mag and i got some 33 v-max have you taken any game with them?are they better than CCI i have not had time to shoot them yet.
i get about the same pattern with the v-max as i do with my cci's at 100 yards. i have not shot a dog with them yet but i do know they make a mess out of chucks and crows.
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