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2022 Garden Thread

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Well it won't be long now. Any new ideas and or plans for this year?
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Works great! Insects with gills (most any insect) can't be around it - it cuts up their gills. Slugs and snails hate it too:)

It can affect soil PH - it is a base like a typical calcium containing additive.
Gotcha. Guess I read it and understood it differently.
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Blend Perennial Rye, Kentucky Blue, and Tall Fescue. For clay it can take some years to develop a healthy amount of organic material on top - I believe it helps to let the clippings fly when you mow in order to build up the thatch/mulch, so long as it's gone over with an aeration routine one or two times a year. You may also wish to test PH of soil. Sometimes a little lime is called for.

I have mixed feelings about Scott's- but the nitrogen in the "Turf Builder" pack does encourage growth and green color.
I bought a house last fall and had grass planted. I have some thin and a few bare areas. I'm having issues having success with Scott's. The ground is clay. Any recommendations for what type of grass seed to use or suggestions?
Yes, but better on level ground - the rains seem to be picking up, which will wash away your effort on a slope - maybe form a mud pie at the lowest point. You can spread straw to mitigate this. Straw is your seeding friend😉
Do you think adding some top soil on top of bare spots would help?
It's a slug year here in Kalamazoo area too!

We planted garden flowers this year in addition to our normal tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, root vegies, greens, and beans. To our surprise the slugs went crazy on our Dahlias!

I remember my mom using the word Sluggo a lot around the garden of my childhood. Mr. Bill was also a popular Saturday Night Live sketch at that time. I remember her carrying around what looked like a cereal box with the most menacing drawing of a snail on the cover.

She sprinkled the bits around and say, "Oh no, it's Sluggo!!!"

We applied some around our Dahlias and now they're growing back.

But, it's terrible expensive now! I can't imagine it was more than $1.50 a box back then. My mom's upper limmit on anything to buy was $5. Now a box is $17. The rather small canister is $12!

It does work well tho, and it's safe around pets.

Beer works also, but I can't seem to keep any;)
So I learn something every year. Since retiring, I now have more time to figure out what I've been doing wrong. I also have a different fight with something. Ground hogs, deer, cabbage worms and so on. This year it's been slugs. I put a lot of straw down for mulch but I thing I gave the slugs a place to live. My garden has done fairly well this year despite the slugs. We gave been canning a lot and will be putting up salsa pretty soon. I'm taking a break to hit the big lake and catch a few salmon. I was wondering what you plan on doing different heat year. I will be looking at a different way to try and keep the slugs away.
Supposedly slugs & snails won't crawl over copper stripping. Their blood is copper based so maybe true. I've heard of people making mini fences around planters.
Oh boy, those are gorgeous!
The onions is to flavor as the foundation is to a building!
View attachment 849062 Pulled the yellow onions yesterday as most of the stalks have fallen over. Red onions as still standing tall. Will give the yellows a week or so to dry then put them down in the cellar. Onions were about the only crop that was better than normal this year.
I know you've got internet too, but in case you're still wondering those are parasitic wasp cocoons that will feed on the horn worm.

Is this a Michigan picture?

Seriously though, check this out:

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The Kellog forest is across the street from me. Any chance this is a variety for this area?
The blight got me super bad this year - first time I've seen it.
Check these out. It's called "Kellogs Breakfast." Never heard of them until watching some YouTube tomato videos last winter. Decided to try them. Great taste and very smooth and meaty. I will make room for these going forward. Anyone else grow these?
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May I ask, did you grow the rosemary? We did a patch of it last year. Winter killed it. We were hoping a ton of mulch would keep the roots alive, but not so much.

We're I grew up it was living all over. My parents would send me out to collect some anytime a bird was heading for the webber:)
Brine leans more towards a sweet flavor instead of dill. Still has vinegar and garlic. That is rosemary. I have a jar in the fridge waiting for the flavor to develop. I'll let ya know how they come out.
Thinking of starting tomatoes indoors any day now.

Blight was the worst ever last season.

This spring, the plan is try hay bail planting rather than in-ground. Going to pre-treat the growing area with copper fungicide, prune (which I don't usually bother with), and spray with baking soda & soapy water.
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