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2020-21 (9th Annual) Michigan Sportsman Spearing Contest Rules and Sign-up Thread

This is a bragging rights contest, just the same as the MSF Deer and Turkey team competitions.

Participants must be a registered member of the Michigan Sportsman Forums.
New members are encouraged!

Northern Pike speared through the ice anywhere legal in the United States can be entered in the contest.

Only legally speared Pike will be counted in the contest.
Fish speared while hooked via line are prohibited.

This contest will run from Dec 15th 2020, until dusk March 15th, 2021.
Fish must be speared within these dates to count.

Teams will be established by dispersing region, number of sits pledged, and historical statistics of each angler.
Exact team size will be dictated by the amount of individuals signed up.

Each member may only contribute 1 Pike for the team total.
Participants may upgrade their entry unlimited times through the contest.

The top 4 Pike lengths from each team will be used to determine total team length, measured to the nearest 1/8".

Submitting pictures for your score:

Scoring will be length based using MiDNR Master Angler measurement guidelines:
Measure your fish from the tip of the nose (or lower jaw) to tip of the tail in a straight line. Do NOT measure in a curve around the body from nose to tail. Measure to the closest 1/8 inch.

A clear picture of the entire Pike with a measuring tape next to it, AND a close up of the claimed length must be posted in the scoring thread.
A spear must be present in one of the scoring pictures.
A 3" deduction will be given for not having a spear in a photo.

Please post your screen name, real name, and number of sits you plan for the season.
Include the area of the state you spear, indicated by hunting zone.
Zone 1 (Upper Peninsula)
Zone 2 (Unlimited Firearm)
Zone 3 (Limited Firearm)
Out of State

Late sign ups will be added to the contest on Jan 1st. Any fish speared by a late entry before being placed on a team will NOT COUNT towards the team total.

Participants are encouraged to create team threads for communication, trash talk, and helpful tips n tricks.

The winners from 2019/20 may choose to remain together:
@lamdilligaf @AllSpecieAngler @JMK1878 @Bucman
Zone 2

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