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Night Sniper Hunting Light™ is an extreme range tactical night hunting light. These high powered tactical hunting lights have a highly effective range of up to 250 yards and give a positive eye reflection at 400 yards.

The (CLASS -1) Night Sniper Hunting Light™ system comes standard with ( 1 ) 100,000 hour extreme powered CREE LED in your choice of RED, GREEN or WHITE, industry leading hard plastic carrying case, universal scope mount, dual station charger (AC & DC plugs), 2 pack of 10 year lithium rechargeable batteries, tactical tail cap with coiled cord, velcro pressure switch and a normal push button tailcap to make this light into a multifunctional high powered flashlight and complete instructions.

We at Night Sniper Hunting Lights™ stand behind our extreme hunting lights and offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our lights for any reason. Simply return the light within 30 days of purchase in good condition to us with a copy of your proof of purchase letting us know you want to return the light and we will refund your money!

The Night Sniper Hunting Light™ is 7 inches long and weighs approximately 9 ounces with the battery. Our lights are made out of T-6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum with a clear glass lens. We use the highest quality CREE LED that emits an extreme amount of green, red or white light through an exceptionally accurate and highly polished reflector to achieve an amazingly long range.

The light with our green and white LEDs will run for 3-4 hours nonstop per battery. The red LED will run nonstop for 2 hours. The light only takes one battery, however, you get 2 with our kit so you will always have a backup. Predator Hunter Outdoors™ provides the highest quality, longest lasting light on the market.

The Night Sniper Hunting Light™ Kit comes standard with:

*Flashlight with interchangeable 100,000 hour CREE Extreme range LED module
*(1) GREEN, RED OR WHITE CREE Extreme range 100,000 hour LED module.
**Please Specify what color LED you would like.
*Tactical tail cap with coiled cord and velcro pressure switch
*Push button On/Off tailcap switch
*Multifunctional shotgun/rifle barrel and scope mount for mounting light
*Battery charger with AC & DC plugs
*(2) 10 year rated 18650 3.7v rechargeable lithium batteries

NOTE: Please specify what color LED's you would like.

Price: $125.99 $10 Shipping = $135.99

All parts and accessories are available for purchase!

Check out the video about the kit here:

Also other kit variations available on our website:

Night Sniper Hunting Light™ Warranty Information:

A limited three year warranty on the entire light itself. 1 year warranty on parts and accessories to the light such as LED, batteries, charger, mounts, wired tactical tailcaps. Within the 1st year we will repair or replace any item free of charge due to product malfunction and/or defect that is not due to customer abuse or carelessness. After 1 year we will still repair any item that CAN be repaired for a nominal fee of $20 to cover labor and return shipping excluding batteries since they cannot be repaired. If item cannot be repaired the $20.00 fee can be used towards the cost for the replacement part. All warranty repairs will require proof of purchase (packing slip, paypal statement, ebay point-of-purchase statement) including purchase date.

You can pay through PayPal using your Paypal account or we can issue you an invoice.

Any questions feel free to contact me through email at [email protected] or at 586-596-3655, Paul.

Visit us at www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com


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