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2004 Jann's Netcraft catalog

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Just got the Jann's Netcraft catalog. This is the first time I've looked at one. Wow, a lot of things I "need". I hope to be busy Ice fishing this winter, but if not I'm sure I'll be able to find a few "projects" to keep myself busy. I was surprised that it was a full catalog.
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I got mine today. Looks like they have some good prices on basic rod building stuff. The $25 rod wrapper caught my eye.

My vice for making spinners came from Jann's, and I really like it. Simple and effective with a great price to boot.

I need to take a drive down there soon.
Received mine also. Have purchased many items from them in the past with great results. I can honestly say, I ll be hard pressed to buy very many "pre-made' lures every again. Lot more fun and satisfying doing them all up yourself. Just now getting into the ice jig/ice fishing lures though, has normally been warm water style.

Whale :D :cool:
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Just got mine today as well. I got into making crawler harnesses last winter and it was great catching fish on harnesses that I put together. I'm thinking of putting some spinners together and maybe try a stickbait too.

Ypsifly - which vice did you get?
Gotta be my favorite catalog . Bought alot of stuff from them & always had good service . My last project was a couple chugging/polelining rods for Walleye's . Only about $15.00 apiece for components .
If you ever make it to the show room grab a few 1.50 grab bags. You will not be dissapointed.
Just Got Mine Today..
Cant Wait To Spend Some Money!

I have the Tack-L-Tool. It came with a some wire and a book on making just about anything you can think of out of wire.
They have the best deals on cast nets I have ever seen. Might have to make a road trip down there some time!
they also have items in the showroom, that aren't in the catalog.

i make at least 10 trips down there during the spring/summer...glad i have a decent job.
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