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2000 Smokercraft

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Selling my Smokercraft due to getting a big lake boat.It is a 16.5ft with double console,windsheild,stand up canopy,side curtians and 50hp merc.More goodies are,hard wired on board charger and 3 batterys,frt and rear trolling motors(rr 24 volt),2 big jon power riggers,2 big jon 4ft manual riggers with removable board and rod holders.Also included ship to shore radio and lowarance x-85 with ram dash mount and rear trolling mount.For pics go to my gallery. Asking $8750 or best offer,send me a pm
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Wish I had the cash right now Larry. It would be back to bachelor life if I went and bought a boat now. Seriously this boat is set up with the best of them.

Check your pm box.

Heres what it looks like.Make me an offer.Need to sell am buying a big lake boat.
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Really dont want to sell it.:( Went to dawn to dusk but they didnt have any deals.How far is m72 and fruit ridge from you?
Still for sale.

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That will sell for sure, just be patient. Wait until the first 45 degree day, and interest will start picking up.
Nice boat!:)
I've fished out of this boat and can testify that it is a very good boat!! Perfect boat for first timer or vetran!
Gotta see it to believe it:D :D
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