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2 run Kennel for sale

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10x10 with center divider.
Double gated, heavy wire fence and thick walled welded tube. This is a custom built heavy duty kennel. Roof included or I can dispose of it. I will consider reasonable offers.


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Thank you I appreciate the nice comment. This would make a nice kennel for someone. It’s heavy weight and raised off the ground so the bottom rail won’t rust from sitting on the concrete. All joints are welded. It’s a 5 piece design and the center panel can be removed.
Boscoboo, The dog dens will go in the garbage As they have seen better days.

NB - thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same thing.
I would like to own it but have no clue what its worth. I will call you about it tomorrow.
Sounds good.
Are the front and rear panels all one piece?

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Yes, solid panels.
Washington Mi. But I do believe it is spoken for pending funds.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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