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2/7 St. Jo Co.

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Fished daylight till dark on Lee lake today. Started the the day with a 32" northern and a nice mess of gills.

Around 1:30 I had a flag and set the hook on a HUGE pike that broke my 40lb tip up line. I got it's head all the way up to the hole and I don't think it would've fit through. Judging by the size of it's head and how hard it came in compared to the 32 incher I would guess it was pushing 20lbs. It was like pulling in a 50lb river anchor.:(

I hope it spits the swedish hook and don't die.

Missed another run, and caught some more gills and a 12 1/2 inch crappie right before dark.
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We caught 40 gills and crappies friday and 34 this morning.I tried Lee a little while yesterday but didn;t stay.My son would like to set some tip-ups to catch a pike as he hasn't caught many could you tell me some of the better places on Lee?Thanks for any info Steve
Do you just buy them from the grocery stores or have some frozen?
The grocery store smelt are small and allready cleaned. I bought some from a member here on this site.

I've caught pike all over Lee, there are big weed beds right to the left of the access and way in the back where the river comes in is a good spot, also by that little point of brush that comes up through the ice.
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Thanks for the tips.And I thought store smelt weren't too good.We might try it there in the morning.I know the river outlet would be a good place but with the slush you have to walk through I don't think I want to walk that far.
Set up right to the left of the access about 50yds in front of the shoveled ice rink or whatever it is they did. Fish your bait about 2 ft under the ice.
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