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2-13 Long Lake in Lapeer (the day the fishing and the wind blew)

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Went out around noon today and fished till 6. (would have stayed longer but that wind sucked) Not only did the wind suck but the fishing sucked too. No bites jigging for pike and no flags. Had to refill the minnow bucket with water and chase some gear across the ice because the wind blew all in its path over.
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Shoulda had some of that shot in Your in Your pocket for ballast :) ! Sure seems like it's been a WIERD year for Ice fishing this season. Saginaw Bay is way off, and really haven't heard of anyone doing much of anything anywhere! Bout ready to give up on the River! Five different trips and not a keeper to show for My efforts :( . Give Me a call if You get a chance- "Uncle Bob', WC#253.
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